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PaperChase AR

Meshminds 2.0 ArtxTechForGood Exhibition, ArtScience Museum

Augmented Reality art installation that transforms recycling bins into treasure hunt locations to unlock a full AR comic story about recycling.

PaperChase was first envisioned by Alfonsus when he realised that recycling bins are vastly outnumbered by normal bins, and people would not go out of their way to find a recycling bin, must less remember the locations of these bins. Hence, he thought of turning the finding of the recycling bins into a treasure hunt, and as a result users would already remember the locations from playing the game.

As one of the seleced installations for development and exhibition at the MeshMinds 2.0 ArtxTechForGood exhibition, PaperChase AR also won the main award, the Marina Bay Sands Sustainability Award, among all projects.

PaperChase AR is a joint project by Alfonsus Wong, graphic artist, and myself, Alan Ng, the AR developer.