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AR VR for Architecture Curricular & Academia

SUTD, Immersive Realities Lab, Architecture & Sustainable Design

Architecture Foundation Module: Core 2

As part of the Immersive Realities Lab, the case for VR as a design tool for architecture design in education was pitched to the Architecture & Sustainable Design pillar. As a reult, Core 2 transformed to incorporate Virtual Reality & Interactivity as a core conceptual design tool.

In the course of 4 months, the IRL team taught the students the foundations and design elements for Unreal Engine and Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift).

The final works by the architecture students.

As seen on Channel 8.

Architecture Option Studio Project: 2D Data Visualization

This project was done by the IRL team. The app overlays 2D data visualizations over a transparent acrylic geographical landscape (South China Sea).

Architecture Option Studio Project: 3D Data Visualization

This project was done by an architecture undergraduate with my mentoring. The app overlays 3D data visualizations over a 3D architecture landscape model.