Alan Ng

Augmented & Virtual Reality
Immersive Designer

Select Projects
PaperChase AR

iOS App, ARKit, Unity.

MeshMinds 2.0 ArtxTechForGood Exhibition, ArtScience Museum.

Recipient of the Marina Bay Sands Sustainbility Award.

Social Media AR Illustrations & Filters

Facebook & Snapchat Filters, Spark AR Studio, Lens Studio

IdeaInk Illustrations, SUTD Marketing.

Project PEAR: Geolocation AR Game

Mobile Game, Unity, MapBox, ARFoundation

SUTD Game Lab.

VR & AR for Architecture Education

VR Demo, Oculus Rift, Unreal Engine; iOS App, Unity, Vuforia, ARKit

SUTD Immersive Realities Lab.

Custo AR

iOS App, ARKit, Native Xcode.

CUSTO, Weijenberg.

AR Wand

Prototype, ARKit, Unity, iPhone.

Singapore VR Hackathon - SUTD What The Hack 2018.

Best Art/Design Award, Overall Best Award.

MagixHome Mobile VR

UX Prototype, GearVR + controller, Unity.

Sky Optimum Technologies.

VaRch: UX for Architecture in VR

Prototype, Unity, HTC Vive, GearVR.

Singapore VR Hackathon 2017.


Gesture Navigation for Maps

Gesture, Myo Armband, JS, Google Maps, ePlanner.

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Digital Planning Lab.